We provide tools and services to analyze and validate any information using AI, social network analysis, propagation path, etc.
  • Sektör İletişim & medya
  • Ülke India
  • Kuruluş tarihi Eylül 2020
  • Aşama Prototip
Our vision is to revolutionize the field of media and journalism by automating the process of fact-checking and targeting for better collective societal decision-making abilities by giving everyone freedom to validate huge volumes of digital information that they come across every day.


İletişim & medya
Kurumsal yazılım, Yazılım
Ürünün kullanım şekli
Mobil/Tablet (iOS), Mobil/Tablet (Android), API)

İş modeli

Pazarlama stratejisi
Our revenue will be generated from both B2B as well as B2C sections.
For B2B, revenues will be on a usage-based, license-based & team size based while for the B2C section freemium and ad-based revenue models will be used. Marketing strategy include talking to customers directly, social media announcements, etc.
Gelir modeli
For our B2B segment, we will offer SaaS which will have NLP and Social Network Analysis tools such as Source Tracing, News Diffusion, and related services.
For our B2C segment, we will offer products via cross-platform application wherein a user could enter any query & can validate its closeness to being real or fake, along with the actual facts around that query

For B2B, revenues will be on a usage-based and license-based while for B2C, freemium and ad-based revenue models will be used.

Pazar bilgisi

Pazar büyüklüğü
1.440.000.000 ₺
Rakip Adı
Rakip Websitesi

Bugüne kadar aldığınız toplam yatırım
200.000 ₺
Hissedar yapısı
Hissedar tipi
Aman Singal
Kurucu Ortak
% 36
Rushikesh Dixit
Kurucu Ortak
% 24
Yogesh Dhyani
Kurucu Ortak
% 20
Abhishek Raj
Kurucu Ortak
% 20
Yatırım türü
Melek Yatırımcı
Yatırım miktarı
200.000 ₺
Teklif edilen hisse
% 7,0


Abhishek Raj  - India
Aman Singal  - India
Rushikesh Dixit  - India
Yogesh Dhyani  - India
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Son güncelleme: 24.12.2021