Oğuzhan Aygören


Oğuzhan Aygören was born in 1980 in Denizli. After graduating high school as the 1’st in Denizli, he was enrolled in METU, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, and collected his Bachelor’s Degree in 2002. Than Mr. Aygören took his MBA from Koç University and London Business School in 2004. In 2003, Mr. Aygören was chosen to case studies of P&G in Rome. After completing his internships at Tubitak, Apple, IBM and P&G, he has started his professional career at P&G as Project Manager on Innovation and Business Processes Area on Information and Decision Solutions Department. With his own initiative, Mr. Aygören has founded a team and managed it to increase the innovative approach in the company. After assigning local and international projects at P&G, he was transferred as Manager of Turkey Operations to Kindo, which is a startup funded by Skype and Last.fm’s investors. After one year-duration, Mr. Aygören has became partner of cicekkurye.com after Kindo was acquired by MyHeritage, and funded by Kosgeb at Boğaziçi University for cepkod.com which is mobile barcode scanning project. Additionally, Mr. Aygören was awarded as finalist at New Ideas New Businesses at METU, and supported by Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, eTohum and Inovent. In 2010, Mr. Aygören became partner with Microsoft Research America and supported Turkcell to handle the business. Mr. Aygören is currently consulting various companies on market research and customer management in addition to be an instructor at Boğaziçi University Management Department. He also supported foundation of Boğaziçi University Entrepreneurship Center, BuHayalet at 2011. Mr. Oğuzhan Aygören is still PhD Student on Marketing at Boğaziçi University Management Department.