MITM-proof Messaging

We help people to enhance their privacy.
  • Sektör Bitcoin & sanal para, İletişim & medya, Kurumsal yazılım, Endüstriyel internet & IoT
  • Ülke Iran
  • Kuruluş tarihi Ocak 2018
  • Aşama Prototip
Our company, Shailene, is developing Man-in-the-Middle (MitM)-Proof messaging app to help people enhance their privacy and anonymity in cyberspace with smart contract-based blockchain and cryptography. For now there exists an absence of authenticity and credibility of digital data made accessible online. We provide the credibility of online public-keys for Man-in-the-Middle (MitM)-Proof Messaging.


Bitcoin & sanal para, İletişim & medya, Kurumsal yazılım, Endüstriyel internet & IoT
Kurumsal yazılım, Yazılım
Ürünün kullanım şekli
Masaüstü, Mobil/Tablet (iOS), Mobil/Tablet (Android), API, Sunucu yazılımı (ör: veritabanı))

İş modeli

Hedef kitle
Government, Non-profit institutes, People
Pazarlama stratejisi
TAM (Top-Down Approach)
Gelir modeli
For now, 7 May 2020, 1 Ethereum (ETH) = 210 U.S. dollar. Our app has a small miner fee and a Gas price for smart-contract like 0.0001 (ETH) = 0.021 U.S. dollar And has a small commission for us like 0.0001 ETH = $ 0.021
Revenue per year = number of users * number of payments for smart-contract by users per month * user charge per month * 12 (month)
For example, If we have 1 million users, our revenue per year will be:
1 million * 30 * $0.021 * 12 = $ 7560000

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To the best of our knowledge, there are no messaging apps that provide MitM-proof messaging and privacy for users. So, we can name some traditional messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and so forth.
Girişimin mevcut durumu
We did research & development phases in the following states:

1) ISI/Scopus Journal Paper Publication ----- Done
2) Product technical knowledge ----- Done
3) Conceptual Design ----- Done
4) Product pilot, lab development & testing ----- Done

We are waiting for investment in the following states:

5) Founding a startup company ----- Awaiting
6) Final Software Design and Production Research ----- Awaiting
7) Final Software Design and Production Development ----- Awaiting
8) International Patent ----- Awaiting
9) Product commercialization and conferences ----- Awaiting

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Amir Hassani Karbasi
% 100
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70.000 ₺
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% 30,0


Amir Hassani Karbasi  - Iran
Takımın üye sayısı
In the last decade, governments, giant corporations, hackers, and etc. have become data miners, collecting information about every aspect of our activities, behavior, messages, and lifestyle. We stand against this security and privacy breach. From initial research to the implementation of a laboratory prototype, I have worked lonely. After attracting an investor, my team will be gathered from reliable and capable research and programming specialists for the implementation of the final product. WhatsApp revenue with 1.5 billion users till 2020 is 15 billion U.S. dollars. Telegram revenue with 400 million users till 2020 is 4 billion U.S. dollars. WhatsApp or Telegram are based on key servers and they are centralized and server-based messaging apps. So, they are prone to MitM attacks and leak the privacy of users. Our app is called Singleton which provides privacy, anonymity, and Security for users.
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