Lets users record and schedule calls, emails, messages, videos and even gifts, to be sent after they die to their loved ones and families.

MyTrustedWill, a platform allows you to keep your family and loved ones in touch with you, even after you pass away! By allowing users to pre-record phone calls, SMS, emails, videos, upload documents, make donations, and even send gifts!

At the core of the software are 3 artificial intelligence systems that automate and verify all the processes, with life auto-verification capabilities, & more.


Ebrahiem Shetewy

Ebrahiem Shetewy, worked with a number of leading companies in Istanbul, Dubai, NYC, Cairo and Tripoli with more than seven years of experience in the web industry, founded several successful startups and led the organizing of several entrepreneurial events and summits.

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Last Update: 09.03.2017