TurkTalk Messenger

A messenger to make Chats, Groups, Channels, calls
  • Sektör Sosyal medya
  • Ülke Turkey
  • Kuruluş tarihi Ocak 2021
  • Aşama Prototip
Ability to create channels, groups and podcasts. Contains of media send and receive in chats and making rooms to make virtual classrooms or discussion rooms. Voice and video chats in pairs or group are provided in messenger. Strong business model to earn smart money is considered.


Sosyal medya
Ürünün kullanım şekli
Mobil/Tablet (Android))

İş modeli

Hedef kitle
Messenger users, Freelancer teachers, Companies and Famous peoples.
Pazarlama stratejisi
Advertise in Google Play, City billboards, giving free point and plan.
Gelir modeli
Sell application in some countries (membership)
Brands and companies official pages costs and charges (licensing)
Costs per message send and receive for premium accounts (commission)
Sell movies, sports, cartoons, trends and … stickers as packages (membership)
Costs of making private premium rooms per subscribers (commission)
Encourage people to create educational rooms to earn income and their charges income for us (commission)

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We just have one competitor that is Telegram messenger. It has many features like our app but in another way, it's voice and video calls quality are too bad and in many countries it doesn't work. It doesn't have rooms or features to make conference calls or educational online videos like our app. So, our messenger can popular faster in social medias.
Girişimin mevcut durumu
Chat features, group creation and chatting, making channels and share medias and video calls are finished until now (18/04/2021) and just making rooms is pending to develop.

Bugüne kadar aldığınız toplam yatırım
90.000 ₺
Hissedar yapısı
Hissedar tipi
Mohammad Amir Amiri
% 100
Yatırım türü
Melek Yatırımcı
Yatırım miktarı
90.000 ₺
Teklif edilen hisse
% 30,0


Mohammad Amir Amiri  - Turkey
Takımın üye sayısı
All parts of messenger was done until today (18/04/2021) except making educational rooms that required support to proof its costs.
Son güncelleme: 18.04.2021