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David S. Rose

  • Şirket: Gust
  • Pozisyon: CEO
David S. Rose has been described as "New York's Archangel" by Forbes, "patriarch of Silicon Alley" by Red Herring, and a "world conquering entrepreneur" by BusinessWeek. He is a serial entrepreneur, an Inc 500 CEO, and one of the most active angel investors in the country. David is CEO of Gust, which operates the standard collaboration platform for over 250,000 startups and 50,000 early-stage investors, and is the author of the New York Times best selling book "Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money & Having Fun Investing in Startups". He founded and is Chairman Emeritus of New York Angels and is on the boards of KoolSpan, Waywire, Social Bicycles, Miner and TekServe. As an angel investor, he has helped to fund over 90 startup companies, with acquisitions by companies including Facebook, Google, Intel, Amazon, and other industry leaders. David founded the Finance, Entrepreneurship & Economics track at Singularity University, and is a keynote speaker on the future of business and technology. Dubbed by BusinessWeek "The Pitch Coach" for his ability to help entrepreneurs perfect their fundraising skills, he is a frequent guest lecturer at business schools including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, NYU and Venture for America. David founded wireless Internet pioneer AirMedia in 1988, and in 1997 was honored as a finalist for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Earlier in his career David was co-founder of one of the world’s first computer training firms, and spent a decade developing technology-enhanced real estate. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Director of the New York office of US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. A native New Yorker, David has a B.A. from Yale (where he is an Associate Fellow of Pierson College), an M.B.A. in Finance from Columbia Business School and a D.Eng. (hc) from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is a graduate of the New York City public school system and Horace Mann High School. Specialties:Entrepreneurial executive and investor with extensive experience in high technology, angel and venture investments, finance and government.